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Brick, Block and Stone Steps

Entryway Masonry Stair Steps
Stone and Brick steps

Brick steps are an essential part of any building that requires stairs. These stairs not only provide access to the building but also enhance its appearance. To ensure that your brick steps are both safe and aesthetically pleasing, it is crucial to hire a competent mason to build them. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of having a competent mason build your brick steps.

First and foremost, safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to brick steps. A poorly constructed staircase can be a safety hazard, leading to falls and injuries. The risk of an accident increases when the steps are located outside, where they are exposed to the elements. Brick steps must be built to code, with a uniform height and depth for each step, and a minimum width of 36 inches.

One critical aspect of building brick steps is ensuring that the risers are divided and that each is the same height as the previous one. This not only improves the safety of the staircase but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. A competent mason will take the time to measure and divide the risers accurately, ensuring that each step is uniform in size and height. This attention to detail is crucial, as even the slightest variation in height can cause a person to trip and fall.

Starting Masonry steps
Laying Out Risers

Another important consideration when building brick steps is the type of brick used. A competent mason will select the appropriate brick for your steps, taking into account factors such as color, texture, and strength. The brick must be strong enough to withstand the weight of people walking on the steps and must be resistant to weathering and erosion.

A competent mason will also pay attention to the mortar used to bind the bricks together. The mortar must be mixed to the appropriate consistency and applied evenly to ensure that the steps are stable and secure. A good mason will also make sure that the mortar is allowed to dry completely before the steps are used.

One of the benefits of having brick steps is that they require very little maintenance. However, it is essential to have them inspected periodically to ensure that they remain in good condition. A competent mason can identify any problems with your brick steps and make the necessary repairs to keep them safe and functional.

In addition to safety concerns, brick steps can also enhance the appearance of a building. A well-built brick staircase can be an impressive architectural feature, adding to the overall beauty and value of the property. A competent mason can help you choose the appropriate style and design for your brick steps, ensuring that they complement the building's architecture and decor.

Brick and stone stairs
Front view of Masonry Steps

In conclusion, brick steps are an essential part of any building that requires stairs. They must be built to code and with attention to detail to ensure that they are safe and aesthetically pleasing. A competent mason is crucial to building high-quality brick steps, and hiring one is a wise investment in your property's safety and value. If you need brick steps built or repaired, make sure to choose a mason with a proven track record of excellence and attention to detail.

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